Ethical Hacking 30 Days

An ethical hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owner

Ethical Hacking

An ethical hacker is usually employed by an organization who trusts him or her to attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems, using the same methods as a black hat hacker, for the purpose of finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities. Unauthorized hacking (i.e., gaining access to computer systems without prior authorization from the owner) is a crime in most countries, but penetration testing done by request of the owner of the victim system(s) or network(s) is not.
Our Ethical Hacking course aims to prepare you for EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker v8 exam 312-50. This training goes in-depth into the techniques used by malicious, black hat hackers with attention getting lectures and hands-on lab exercises. While these hacking skills can be used for malicious purposes, this class teaches you how to use the same hacking techniques to perform a white-hat, ethical hack, on your organization. You leave with the ability to quantitatively assess and measure threats to information assets; and discover where your organization is most vulnerable to hacking in this network security-training course. The goal of this course is to help you master a repeatable, documentable penetration testing methodology that can be used in an ethical penetration testing or hacking situation.
This is the only course which teaches both hacking and countermeasure techniques and prepares you for your CEH Exams

What you will learn?

Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Foot printing and Reconnaissance
Scanning Networks
System Hacking
Trojans and Backdoors (STP)
Viruses and Worms
Social Engineering
Denial of Service

Session Hijacking
Hacking Webservers
Hacking Web Applications
SQL Injection
Hacking Wireless Networks
Hacking Mobile Platforms
Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots
Buffer Overflows
Penetration Tes

Eligibity & Pre-Requistes

Knowledge of TCP/IP
Information systems and security background

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