Project Summary


Project medfly is an unmanned aerial vehicle (medical drone) adventure that will be aimed at revitalizing the health sector of the country and the African continent while helping to accomplish some of the world’s sustainable development goals. 

It will involve the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to serve as couriers for the transportation of blood and vaccines.

This adaptation will promote efficiency and speed in organ and vaccine transportation from supply stations to areas of urgent demand.


Problem Statement


Inability to deliver relief materials to dangerous/inaccessible locations.

Low Treatment Aid

Cases of inadequate treatment aids at health centres thus requiring urgent replenishments.

Blood Transfusion

Lack of blood for transfusion which has led to a case of high mortality especially among infants and mothers after delivery.

Late Delivery

Late delivery of blood/vaccines in cases of emergencies or great distances that when ventured by road vehicles might lead to loss of lives.

Statistical Justification of Problem Statement

  • In Nigeria a study was carried out over a 6month period to obtain clinical data on pregnancies, births and maternal deaths in eight referral hospitals across eight states and four geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
  • In Nigeria a study was carried out over a 6month period to obtain clinical data on pregnancies, births and maternal deaths in eight referral hospitals across eight states and four geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
  • This means that the country is failing woefully as regards the achievement of Goal-3 of the millennium development goals which aims to reduce mortality ratio by 75%.
Mission Statement

To provide timely healthcare services to rural areas via a technology driven system employing state of the art innovations and processes that inculcates health services into the rapidly developing technological world.


  • To employ unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to achieve good health and wellbeing as well as the industry’s overall innovation and infrastructure which are respectively the 3rd and 9th goals to transform our world towards sustainable development.

  • With the aid of UAVs (drones), the delivery time of relief materials such as blood for transfusion and vaccines can be shortened thus ensuring that health aids will always reach the required destination.

  • This will lead to a reduction in the cases of inadequate resources and delay in material delivery to health centres and thus, accomplishing the 3rd SDG goal. With the fact that the use of drones to affect the healthcare sector of the country is an unprecedented adventure, the 9th SDG goal is effectively accomplished.


Oversees design and quality of programs, products and services with primary focus to effectively represent the embedded team in larger project teams.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Report to project teams/management any issues which need addressing from the team and also to report to the embedded team any changes from the project team.
  • Keep my embedded team on track with respect to the project’s schedule to deliver quality products on time.
  • Defining, designing, documenting, testing and implementing embedded firmware.
Tolulope Fatunbi

Project Lead, Embedded Systems

Capt Tolu was born in Lagos. Graduated from Atlantic Hall School in July 2002, and from Covenant University with a Bachelor of Science in International Law & Diplomacy in August 2006. He went for further study at Bristow Academy where he received a diploma in Aerospace Science and a Commercial Pilots License in 2010.
Through his major at Covenant, Tolu developed a passionate interest in Politics, Foreign Policy of Nations and Humanitarian services.In particular, he has focused on research spanning United Nations SDGs, self-government, and political economy.
Capt Tolu has volunteered and worked with several Non-Governmental Organisations, including but not limited to Project One Million Souls & HOPE Foundation. Capt. Tolu is currently an Airline Pilot and a freelance Aviation Analyst for Business Day.


Over 10 years flight experience in:

  • Oil and Gas (Onshore & Offshore Operations)
  • FAA and NCAA certified airline transport pilot with over 4000hours of flight time in :
  • Search & Rescue
  • Private Charter
  • VIP Operations
  • Medical Evacuation (Medevac)
Capt Tolu Odutola

Helicopter, Fixed Wing & Drone Pilot

Highly dynamic and result-oriented project Engineer with proven success and 13+ years of expertise in engineering, Information & communication technologies, networking, procurement, big data analytics and consulting. He is a corporate member of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Cisco Certified Network Associate and also a Microsoft certified professional. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration from University of  Lagos, a certificate in Mastering Business Analytics from SMC Institute of Business and Management and a Bachelors of Engineering degree  (Electrical Engineering) from University of Ilorin.

Michael Adewoye

Director, Engineering & Technology

Seasoned Business Process Optimization Specialist working cross functionally to integrate business process and procedural changes, creating, developing, communicating and enforcing end to end business processes for increased efficiency and significant waste reduction.

Kehinde Oni

Business Development/Process Optimization Manager

I am an individual who is committed to adding value to the African community and the society at large while also ensuring development in every aspect of life that I am involved in. With the core values imbibed in me by my alma mater, I am currently on a mission with Quadrev LLC to revitalize the health sector of Africa with the aid of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Thomas Harry

Graduate Intern

Usman is a computer science student at the University of Lagos. His passion for technology drove him to web development and how it can be inculcated with drone technology. Usman is always in search of knowledge and this mindset has helped his continuous growth as a tech enthusiast.

Akanbi Usman

Web Developer

A self-taught software developer, Muizz is the definition of passion meeting hardwork. He is a team player with proven ability to work in any environment without compromising the quality of work.

Muizz Karaole

Software Developer

Collins is a software developer and drone pilot. He is particularly skilled in project management and has deployed this knowledge into ensuring that all projects run smoothly.
Nwokeji Collins

Drone Engineer

Joseph is a jack of all trades. He is a graduate of civil engineering who, when not doing engineering, is channeling his energy into blogging, content development and videography. His commitment to his works enabled his appointment as the President of SDGs and an excellence award from the Kano state Ministry of Planning and Budgeting. Joseph is a leader skilled at leading from behind and can maximize the resources of any project he is involved in.
Joseph Sunday

Graduate Intern

I am into core technical research on Embedded Systems Design, Robotics, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV), Driverless Vehicle, Aerial Robots, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality(VR), Smart Buildings, IoT, IoE and AR. 


Prior to my appointment as Medical expertise , working extensively in Lagos Nigeria on project Medfly an Autonomous Future of Saving Lives with Quadrev Limited. I also enjoy reading (with particular interest in the topics of economics, robotics, and the “Second Machine Age”), running (if rather slowly), playing video games and spending time with my Computer. Traveling, gaming and Surfing the internet to provide me with plenty of data and how technology can improve lives.

Atolagbe Boluwatife

Web Developer

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