What can Quadrev do for you through Salto?

Quadrev fully drives the access control market for SALTO in Nigeria aiming to increase from some 4.000 customers including some of the world’s top universities; corporate buildings, hotels, and healthcare providers that have selected SALTO to deliver their access control requirements. Universities such Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, corporate buildings like T-mobile HQ in Austria and RTL Television in the Netherlands and the French Parliament in Paris have all chosen SALTO.
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From the doors of your small decent apartment to the doors of your posh offices we provide a robust and fast integration of electronic locks to suite our clients needs. We are all out to introduce and replace your traditional key operated locks into electronic locks. Our solution helps you do away with your heavy bunch of keys at the same time giving your home a less arduous entry and decent finishing.

Unlike conventional locks where if the keys are lost you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing all the affected locks and keys – with the new SALTO XS4 RFID escutcheon or e-cylinder self programmable system you just delete the missing key from the system and issue a new one to the user. It’s that simple.


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